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Thing One
The Craig Burgess Media project is a Journey of Discovery.  The purpose of this project is to Capture things I learn and do whilst navigating the World of Direct Response Marketing, these other things called Sales Funnels and What's Working Now in the ever expanding world of Digital Marketing.
This project sets out to uncover hidden and urgent truths about the world economy that prove why everyone owes their families a duty of care to increase their earnings potential by mastering marketing and creating multiple income streams.
Thing three
This project aims to add a sprinkling of humour to some otherwise disturbing truths uncovered in the process of documenting Thing Two.
Marketing - the Expert Edge
" Join me as I document my journey discovering the very best in the world of marketing from people in the business, to what's working now, the best tips and tools and the reasons why knowing this stuff is more urgent and important to every small business owner than ever before."
-Craigy B, Craig Burgess Media.
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